The Silent Killer: Bacteria Causing Bleeding Gums, Bad Breath, and Loose Teeth

In a world where radiant smiles and confident grins are like beacons of health and happiness, Sarah Adams, a social worker mother of 2, and grandmother of 4 discovered a secret to transform her oral health and revive the glow in her smile.

Imagine this: the vibrant social worker with an infectious smile, known for her meticulous oral care routine, suddenly facing the unthinkable—loose teeth, bleeding gums, gum recession, and a distressing breath that seemed to shatter her confidence.

What sets Sarah apart is not just her radiant smile but also her passion for spreading the knowledge she gained.

In addition to her roles as a social worker, mother, and grandmother, Sarah is a dedicated oral health enthusiast. She shares her insights, experiences, and the secret to her radiant smile through a blog dedicated to oral health.

Sarah’s blog has become a haven for about 100,000 followers on social media, creating a community bonded by a common quest for vibrant oral health.

 Buckle up, and let’s dive in!

Interviewer: Sarah, thank you for joining us today. Can you tell us about your journey and your challenges with oral health?

Sarah: Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here!

Throughout my career as a social worker, I always received compliments on my smile.

However, one day, I noticed that my teeth were becoming loose, and my gums started bleeding.

Additionally, I experienced the distressing symptom of appalling breath, which caused me immense discomfort.

I was horrified! I felt like I had done everything right, and yet my gums were painfully inflamed, putting me at risk of losing my teeth.

The thought of visiting the dentist was terrifying; I was concerned about being judged for my oral hygiene habits and anxious about the potential costs of treatment.

One day, while working in the office, I overheard my colleagues whispering behind my back. I couldn’t make out all the words, but I caught phrases like “bad breath” and “her teeth are falling out.”

My heart sank. I felt exposed and vulnerable like my smile had become a source of ridicule

The stabbing pain I felt whenever I ate something hard or crunchy only added to my distress.

Interviewer:  How did you seek help for your dental issues?

Sarah: I was hesitant at first, given my fear of the dentist. But the pain became unbearable, so I decided to overcome my fear and booked an appointment. Unfortunately, my condition only worsened despite undergoing numerous procedures, surgeries, and dental visits over a year.

My teeth were looser, and my bad breath had also transformed into shortness of breath, raising concerns about my overall health.

The dentist wanted me to keep doing costly procedures, but I was close to bankruptcy


He told me that I suffered from a “rare condition” and that I probably wouldn’t find any other treatment options…

Interviewer: That must have been not easy. How did you navigate through this challenging situation?

Sarah: I took a few days to reflect and conducted extensive research.

I discovered a publication from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) indicating that the primary cause of my bad breath, bleeding gums, and loose teeth was a termite-like bacteria (treponema denticola) buried deep within my gums, eating my roots and spreading throughout my nose, throat, and airways. I also found out that this same bacteria has been linked to :

Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as other inflammatory diseases like:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Disease (CVD),
  • Arthritis
  • Allergies
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Psoriasis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

You can imagine how scared I was knowing what my future could be if I did not take quick action.

It was during this time that I discovered the Advances in Medical Sciences | Journal. I stumbled across a paper made by Dr Drew Sutton.

He suggests an intriguing solution – a unique oral health system called “melting candy”. 

Interviewer: This sounds fascinating. Can you explain how this system played a role in transforming your oral health?

Sarah: This system became a turning point in my journey. I had only 30 days before going in for another expensive treatment with my dentist, potentially leading to tooth extraction.

I couldn’t believe what happened next:

  • The pain disappeared
  • My gums lost their red puffiness and stopped bleeding
  • Bad breath became just a bad memory
  •  My teeth felt “cemented” into place

This dental system cured me in just 30 days!

Interviewer: That’s incredible! How did these positive changes impact your life beyond oral health?

Sarah: Before discovering this solution, I faced challenges like tartar builduppersistent bad breathand the fear of losing my teeth.

Now, I enjoy the pleasure of eating what I want, smiling with confidence, and kissing my loved ones without fear that my bad breath may appall them.

This oral health system has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. It has given me a future free from dental worries and the burden of costly treatments that dentists were trying to push on me to extract all of my money.

If you’re struggling with similar challenges, I urge you to explore this great solution. You deserve a vibrant smile and a life without dental anxieties.

Sarah has provided us with the life-saving VIDEO of the product. Click below to view it for yourself. It’s currently available for free! You will be redirected to a new page.

7 thoughts on “The Silent Killer: Bacteria Causing Bleeding Gums, Bad Breath, and Loose Teeth

  1. Amelia Patel says:

    I never realized the emotional toll dental struggles could take until I read Sarah’s story. The empathy and connection I feel are immense. To everyone who shared this online, thank you for bringing such a powerful narrative to light. It’s a reminder of the strength we can find in shared experiences.

  2. Mia Campbell says:

    As a mother of two, Sarah’s story hit close to home. The fear of not being able to afford dental treatments is a shared concern. Discovering an alternative solution through Sarah’s journey is a blessing. Thank you for being brave and sharing your path to oral health recovery.

  3. Mrs. Libbie Flatley I says:

    Reading about Sarah’s transformation is truly inspiring. I never realized the impact dental struggles could have on emotional well-being. I’m grateful for the information about the “melting candy” system. This feels like a beacon of hope for those facing similar challenges.

  4. Ava Thompson says:

    After stumbling upon this story, I feel a renewed sense of hope for my own dental challenges. Sarah’s courage in facing her situation head-on and finding an alternative solution is truly commendable. Gratitude for the internet for connecting us to stories that can make a positive difference in our lives.

  5. Alyson Keeling says:

    Discovering Sarah’s story feels like stumbling upon a treasure trove of wisdom. The struggles she faced and the transformative power of the “melting candy” system are eye-opening. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your journey, and thank you, internet, for bringing this valuable information to us

  6. Charlotte Davies says:

    I can’t believe I stumbled upon Sarah’s incredible journey on the internet. As someone who has struggled with dental issues, her story resonated deeply with me. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your experience and introducing us to this revolutionary oral health system. It’s a game-changer!

  7. Eleanor Harris says:

    As a proud grandparent, the thought of dealing with dental issues is a worry I’ve carried. Reading about Sarah’s triumph over her oral health challenges and the positive impact on her emotional well-being is heartening. I’m grateful for stumbling upon this story on the internet.

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